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❝ It was sad music. But it waved its sadness like a battle flag. It said the universe had done all it could, but you were still alive. ❞

— Terry Pratchett, Soul Music (via printingpressesandsiegeengines)



Update time!

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/spends an embarrassingly long time drawing an answer to a simple question

I talked a lot with friend & fellow-comicker Steph and she helped me organise this a lot, so hopefully something here is helpful for you guys!

Getting a website or what resolution/size you wanna draw your pages and things like that are good to think about, too, but I think those things are secondary! The most important thing is to GO FOR ITTTTTT!!! 

Also, you can always use tumblr for a website until you get that figured out. Here’s a tumblr theme for comics Steph pointed out to me!




Hey guys, my comic collective is now accepting applications!  Spider Forest is a friendly group of fellow webcomic artists and writers.  We’ve got a neat forum (and Skype chat now!) dedicated to helping each other out with conventions, critiques, and general encouragement and promotion.  I’ve been a member for the last two years, and I love it!

If you’ve got a self-hosted webcomic that you think would be a good fit, you can apply right here!

Apply now > spiderforest.com/apply

Two days left!  If you’re a webcomic creator and you want to join forces with the following people to wield the power of AWESOME:

  1. aayemae
  2. dranxis
  3. varethane
  4. kezhound
  5. hchano
  6. headscratchers
  7. snowbynight
  8. clausesart
  9. evus-comic
  10. zyrenskistudios
  11. robinofleylines
  12. zapdraws
  13. Yours truly
  14. (A bunch of people that are equally awesome, I just can’t remember everyone’s Tumblr handles)

…then spiderforest.net/apply is the place to send in your application! But hurry, because applications close July 24 (that’s in two days!)

So this is a thing that’s still going on!



(PART 1)

These gifs were found on various threads, I am unsure of the origins on some of them. 

These are the ones I’m sure of

1) Paranormal Activity 3 (watch here)

2) John Carpenter’s: In the Mouth of Madness (watch here)

3) The Conjuring (watch here)

4) VHS (watch here)

5) The Thing (watch here)

6) Nothing Really Matters- Madonna (music video) 

7) A maze in Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights based on La Llorona 

8) Devil’s Pass (watch here)

9) Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (watch here)

10) The Poughkeepie Tapes (watch here)


Update time!

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If you wish to help DDWG at all then I’d be SUPER grateful for Reblogs or your Vote at TWC. c8



Hey all, I made this tutorial to for people working on valor-anthology and decided to adapt it to tumblr because there might be people here interested in doing this for their own wallpapers.

You can access all of my templates that are mentioned above here, and, like I mentioned at the end of the tutorial, here’s how you can get more free space on dropbox if you want to do that route for distribution.

This is the method I use for the wallpapers I distribute on my patreon, which is for my webcomic, which you can read here.

My friend Ran is queen of Wallpapering.

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This was requested, but here are 10 terrifying gifs

A million messages asking me the sources of these gifs: 

1) VHS

2) Mama

3) The Conjuring

4) This YouTube Video

5) Paranormal Activity 3

6) Grave Encounters 2

7) Teen Wolf (lol) 

8) Xtro

9) Insidious

10) This YouTube Video

Let me be fabulous and link you all to the following movie links mentioned








Jesus last night was not fun. For everyone who suffers from headaches ALWAYS take painkillers if you are also sensitive to migraines. I didn’t take anything for my brain pain and it escalated to full on stomach pain, then finally throwing up. 8I my poor dad refused to go to bed until I was stable enough to sleep, and he looked so tiered 8C

Thankfully sleeping reset everything so I’m fine now.

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God bless the Lupin dub.

Jokes like this are why the Geneon dub is the best.

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